Welcome to Romes' Musings

I'm a student at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia in Lisbon, currently writing my Master thesis on type-checking linear types in the Glasgow Haskell Compiler's Core. I work at Well-Typed as part of the GHC Team.

I try to write interdisciplinary articles, am a Haskell enthusiast and GHC contributor. Besides the thesis and work, I'm developing a shader-centric and type-heavy 3d renderer / game engine, trying to get e-graphs into GHC, and learning Music Theory. You can find below my latests posts.

Screenshot of planets demo
Fig 1. Screenshot of planets demo

Calling Haskell from Swift

Crossing the language boundary between Haskell and Swift. This is the second part of an in-depth guide into developing native applications using Haskell with Swift.

Creating a macOS app with Haskell and Swift

First part of an in-depth guide into developing a native macOS application using Haskell with Swift and SwiftUI. This part covers the set-up required to call Haskell functions from Swift in an XCode project using SwiftUI.

Monthly Update on a Haskell Game Engine

I've been working the past month or two in a shader-centric, type-heavy 3d-renderer/game engine, written in Haskell. In this post I present some of the current implementation details and pictures of the multiple achievements and progress done so far.